Saving Your Business Money: The Paramount Energy Difference

Saving Your Business Money: The Paramount Energy Difference

Do you want to save money on your business gas and electric bill? We know it can be confusing to evaluate bids from different suppliers. Most importantly, when your rate starts to increase, you need a trusted partner who will guide you through the process of securing low rates to maximize savings long-term. 

As your energy broker, we are your trusted partner in securing an initial low rate for gas and electricity. Then, if your rates dip or your contract is about to renew, we protect you in the short and long term from skyrocketing costs. 

As our client, you benefit from our unparalleled solution to finding the best gas and electric rates for your business. How do we do this? We maintain close relationships with each of our clients and we utilize a unique process to get them the best rates. Here is our approach: 

  1. First, to find you the lowest rate, we use a reverse transparent auction for your contract. We put your specifications out for bid to our suppliers and only accept open offers. This means the suppliers can see each other’s offers and outbid each other. This process takes about 5 days and guarantees a competitive process and price for your contract. 
  2. At the end of your contract, we make sure you stay at the best fixed rate possible and do not roll to a variable rate. Many school districts, municipalities, and businesses get into financial trouble with other energy companies when an account rate is variable as costs can skyrocket. We are your partner and are in contact with you about your options with ongoing rate-checking to ensure you save as much as possible. We actively manage your account so your budget is protected. 
  3. You are not locked into any rate if gas and electric rates dip. For instance, if you sign up for a fixed rate contract freezing the rate for three years, what happens if the rate drops but you are under contract? We allow you to “blend and extend” your contract to take advantage of the savings. So, you are never locked into your current contract rate if we can save you money! 

In conclusion, our energy company offers a unique and transparent approach to finding the lowest rate for your contract. Through our reverse transparent auction, we allow our suppliers to submit their best offers, creating a competitive bidding process that guarantees the most favorable terms for you. As your partner, we actively manage your account ensuring a smooth transition to renewable rates. Unlike traditional contracts, you won’t be locked into any rate if it dips; instead, we offer the flexibility to “blend and extend” your contract to maximize savings. With us, your energy needs are in capable hands, and we strive to deliver the most cost-effective solutions for your business, school district, or municipality.