Products Offered

Price Protection Plans

Price Protection plans guarantee a fixed rate for a specific period of time. The price is set when the contract is signed and does not change throughout the entire term of the contract. Due to the volatility of the market, price protection plans offer customers stability by giving them the option of locking in their rate.

Price Protection allows the customer to budget their monthly utility expenses. Electricity and gas rates change daily, so what you pay today will not be the rate you pay tomorrow. With price protection plans cost changes never affect the customer. There are never unanticipated charges or increases for the entirety of the agreement.

Variable Rate Plans

In Variable Rate plans the customer’s energy rate will change on a month to month basis, reflecting changes in the market. The customer is not required to lock into a contract with variable rate plans, but do not receive the benefits of protection against market fluctuations. The customer can choose to switch over to a fixed rate plan at any time for no charge.

The prices in variable rate plans reflect changes in the market. This plan is generally what the customer has been experiencing with their utility company, and there is no guarantee that the customer will save money on this plan.