How Much Can I Save on the Energy Bill for My Business?

How Much Can I Save on the Energy Bill for My Business?

How much money can you save on your business’s energy bill? The simple answer to this question for any operation is “it depends.” My team needs to evaluate your current energy usage and hear more about your future energy needs. I can tell you that we are not only competitive, but we work with you to maximize your savings in the short and long term. Let me explain…

Optimizing Your Energy Savings

We know that finding ways to reduce costs is “paramount.”  Yes, taking cost-saving measures around the office can lower your energy bills. Energy-efficient lightbulbs and appliances, as well as insulated windows, can have an impact. However, if you are paying high energy rates, you are still paying too much. As your trusted energy broker, we understand the importance of obtaining the lowest rate possible over the long term. We have the solution. 

Our team talks to business owners all the time who are searching for cost savings plans and ideas. You may have an office, office building, store, shop, industrial complex, municipality, or school district. We know you want to save, and we can evaluate the best options to help you meet your goals. As your energy broker, we believe in the power of a team approach when it comes to lowering your energy bill.

While we cannot give specific numbers, we do know that our three-tiered approach is your best chance at optimizing savings.  

  1. We utilize a reverse transparent auction. We are energy brokers, which means we can shop around your particular contract with different energy suppliers. To get you the best rate possible, we use an open auction system. Energy suppliers can see your needs but also other bids. This competitive and transparent system requires each supplier to put their best foot and rate forward to win your business. 
  2. At the end of your first year, your contract with other suppliers will roll to a variable rate, and this can cause a problem known as rate creep. If no one is watching your account, your rate could creep up little by little, significantly increasing your bill. We do not allow this, and instead are not only in touch with you, but we also continually monitor your rate to actively manage your account.  
  3. And lastly, while at first, you will sign a contract for a fixed rate, over time you can “blend and extend.” So, after one year, if the rates drop, you can simply extend your contract at the new rate. So while you are locked in, there is also an opportunity for you to continue to save.  

Paramount, Your Energy Broker

Remember the key part of each of our cost-saving activities above is that we are energy brokers. Many energy salespeople are agents for just one supplier. As your broker, we have access to many different suppliers and create a competitive environment to get you a great rate.  

As we mentioned earlier, yes, you can also save money by implementing cost-saving measures around the office, including energy-efficient lighting; motion-activated lighting; watching the thermostat; sealing leaks; unplugging unnecessary electronics; changing air filters; upgrading insulation; and even upgrading your landscaping to provide shade.  

However, even with ALL of these measures, if your rates are too high, you will be leaving a significant amount of savings on the table.  

In summary, the significance of using the Paramount Energy system to save money on your energy bill cannot be overstated. We look forward to partnering with you and your team to free up financial resources that you can then use to grow your operation. Partner with us to make a positive impact on your bottom line.