Bill Siveter

• Industry expert and leader
• Award winning Entrepreneur
• With 25 years industry of experience

Leads the direction of Paramount Energy Management’s growth initiatives and he is responsible for the solvency of the organization; Procures new clients and builds a book of business to ensure sales leaders and agents continuously have quality products to sell; Paves landscape for new, unexplored territories; Interfaces with clients on high-level matters necessary for continued growth and prosperity; Handles all compliance and legal matters on behalf of the organization to ensure leaders’ and agents’ work suffers no interruptions; Responsible for hiring valuable employees to help support Paramount’s objectives; Recruits new partners that add value to the Paramount organization and assists in coaching/training; Ensures leaders and agents have all the tools and resources necessary for success; Continually updates, modifies and adds to arsenal of resources (i.e. additions to the portal, new training materials, new report modules, etc.); Manages various typical organizational challenges that surface and works through them in order for Paramount to continue forward