Paramount Energy Management offers marketing and sales expertise to primarily Energy Service companies and end users, with a complete understanding of the sensitive nature in procuring quality long-lasting customers. As an innovative marketing firm, we have been instrumental in helping hundreds of clients and hundreds of thousands of customers increase their overall market share and profitability.

“We tailor our services to our clients needs to ensure customer satisfaction and longevity.”

Paramount specializes in customer service, customer retention as well as customer acquisition by using a variety of techniques such as telemarketing, web, retail marketing, and door-to-door sales. We pride ourselves on our focus and dedication to customers in addition to providing limitless opportunities for our clients to grow.



Paramount has two very distinct, simple goals:

  • To make our clients the largest and most profitable in their respective industries
  • Continue to provide excellent service for our clients and customers alike

Quality Assurance:

  • At Paramount we pride ourselves on the extensive quality assurance measures we take with each campaign.
  • We are dedicated to following up with our customers to lower churn, keep complaint ratios to a minimum, and retain as many quality customers as possible.
  • Our dedicated support staff is available to assist with any inquiries.
  • We maintain a current knowledge of and abide by presiding state laws and regulations.

Providing Qualified Agents:

  • Paramount provides quality agents that are highly trained and experienced in face-to-face sales as well as all client material.
  • We also initiated the “Day of Opportunity” which is a specialized training method that requires each new agent to accompany a manager in the field to see customer interaction, gain useful knowledge from an experienced sales agent, and also to take notes on possible techniques that could be implemented once in the field.
  • All campaigns are individually tailored to the clients’ specifications.


Paramount takes extensive measures when recruiting new agents to join our team to ensure the best possible customer experience.

We only provide top quality sales representatives for each campaign we manage by offering daily  training, compliance meetings, and webinars that are available through our online tools.

Paramount agents are trained by the best professional team available with a combined 100+ years of management experience in sales, energy, and telecom services. We also supply our team with weekly management and training classes to keep them up to date on the latest sales and advertising techniques and changes in the industry.